• Wednesday 23 January 2019
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Chancellor’s Message

Welcome to the University of Guilan, a premier academic institution that opens new horizons to the future


The University of Guilan  is a progressive Academic Institution that continually adopts specialized programs and teaching methods to prepare today’s student for tomorrow’s undertakings. With more than 40 years of existence, GU has built a strong reputation as one of Iran’s leading universities  especially in the Northern Part of Iran. This wad achieved  by providing a unique learning environment based on our deep commitment to meet the changing needs of society and our promising student body. The University of Guilan has been creating a brighter future for thousands of local and national students for  more than 4 decades. During these years, GU as a young university has been advancing knowledge and improving lives through creative teaching and research. Founded in 1974 with an initial enrollment of 400 students, GU is now a thriving institution with over 17,000 students in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. GU is a countrywide leader in training for over 112 career programs of study. Every year more people are taking advantage of the opportunities that GU offers.

GU is an institution that is deeply committed to excellence in education, research, and service to all realms of sciences. Programs are arranged to meet the needs and interests of individual students. Graduates of our program have pursued a variety of careers, ranging from faculty positions in academia to research and development in industry.

The main campus of GU itself almost resembles a town. There are residential quarters for the academic members, married student’ apartments and modern dormitories for single students. These host almost 60 percent of students and staff and have facilities such as restaurants and canteens, medical clinic, bank, shopping center and a modern Recreation center including a swimming pool.

Although we have reached great stages of maturity, we recognize that the University of Guilan cannot rest on past glories. I am constantly impressed with the high caliber/ability of our academic staff and students, by their high capabilities, their ground-breaking researches and the outstanding way in which they engage in finding solutions to the present problems and competency in facing future challenges. Nevertheless, we also acknowledge that much of GU’s past is worth preserving, such as our values of honesty and integrity, fairness and just treatment, responsibility,  education, and public trust. We also hold dear our determined efforts to engage students in their own learning. These enduring values must never go away. I am so grateful to work with all of the GU family members who dearly believe that GU could be the place where the future lies and I welcome you to experience for yourselves the unique GU experience on our way to reach your  goals. Thank you for visiting the home page of the University of Guilan.

The University of Guilan is fortunate in its location. It is situated in the evergreen part of the country, the North of Guilan with its own natural attractions which absorb many tourists from all over Iran. Because of its strategic importance in the region and also for the importance of Caspian Sea from economic viewpoint, Guilan plays a major role in the socio-economic situation of the region. Therefore, Guilan is considered a vital center for studying in various fields of study for the countries located in the vicinity of Guilan Province.

I am anxiously waiting to meet you at the University of Guilan

Ahmad Razi


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University of Guilan