Department of Agricultural Biotechnology

Agricultural biotechnology is the application of sciences and technology of tissue culture, molecular genetics, microbiology, biochemistry and genetic engineering in the agricultural sciences research for achieving sustainability of the food production in the world. This course was established in the University of Guilan in 2005 with accepting the M.Sc. and equipping the laboratory. Also the doctoral degree (Ph.D), in Agricultural Biotechnology, was established in 2011.The department offers the undergraduate and graduate programs to students in order to achieve and maintain the highest possible standard of academic excellence.

The department welcomes prospective students from Iran and all other countries. This is an opportunity in particular for students from the Middle East to take advantage of the school research and training in biotechnology and genetic engineering.


Agricultural Biotechnology Lab

The laboratory of Dept. of Biotechnology is active for carrying out the research projects of faculty members and the graduate students. The laboratory contains important equipment include: growth chamber with the ability of controlling light and temperature, PCR, Real-Time PCR, GenePulser, IEFset, Concentrator, Tissus-Lyser, Mini incubators, Shaker-incubators, Refrigerated centrifuges, and Conventional centrifuges.


Objectives and important research fields of Department of Biotechnology

1- Identification and development of plants which are resistant to biotic (pests and diseases) and abiotic (salinity, drought, cold, heat) stresses through the methods based on genetic engineering and functional genomics.

2- Identification and manipulation of the beneficial genes and using genetic engineering to create the plants or animals that have high production efficiency or produce a certain essential ingredient.

3- The ability to develop the in-vitro methods of production and propagation of the seeds and plants using tissue culture (a fast method which is unlimited to the growing season).

4- Optimization of engineering methods for the production of pharmaceutical secondary metabolites in the native medicinal plants.


Head of the Department

Dr. Ali Aalami

Associate Professor, Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering



Programs offered
 Plant Biotechnology MSc.
 Plant Biotechnology PhD.


 Faculty Members

Dr. Ali Aalami, Associate Professor, Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering

» Research Interests:

-Molecular aspect of biotic and abiotic stress in plant.

-Genetic diversity and association analysis.

-Gene expression analysis of metabolite biosynthesis pathway

Dr. Hassan Hassani Kumleh, Assistant Profess, Biochemistry

» Research Interests:


-Medicinal plants

- Gene expression analysis of metabolite biosynthesis pathway

Dr. Mohammad Mohsenzadeh Golfazani, Assistant Professor, Plant Biotechnology

» Research Interests:


-Enzyme assays


Dr. Babak Rabiei, Professor, Plant Breeding (Biometrical Genetics),

» Research Interests:

-Plant Breeding

-Biometrical Genetics

Dr. Habibollah Samizadeh Lahiji, Professor, Biotechnology, University of Tehran,

» Research Interests:

- Genetic diversity

- Statistics

-Plant Molecular biology

-Molecular aspect of abiotic stress in plant

Dr. Reza Shirzadian Khorramabad, Assistant Professor, Molecular Genetics,University of Groningen, Netherlands,

» Research Interests:

- Plant Genetic Engineering

- Gene Cloning

- Positional Cloning and Gene Identification

- Mulecular Genetic Analysis of abiotic stress Mutants

- Molecular Analysis of Plant Senescence and longevity

- Transcriptomics

- Nanobiotechnology

Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Sohani, Associate Professor, Biotechnology,University of Adelaide, Australia,

» Research Interests:

-Enhance resistance of citrus plants to viruses using MicroRNA approach.

-Generation of resistant crops to biotic stresses

Dr. Hedayat Zakizadeh, Assistant Professor,  Tissue culture, University of Copenhagen, Denmark,

» Research Interests:

-Tissue culture