Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding

The educational activities of the Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding of College of Agriculture in the University of Guilan started by the approval of the 108th meeting of Council on the extension of higher education of Ministry of Higher Education in 1976. Accordingly, the admission of under graduate students started in fall 1977. By developing the higher educational activities in University of Guilan, these activities established in this department by admission of Master of Sciences (MSc), and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Agronomy and Plant Breeding in 1995 and 2009, respectively.

The aim of Department of Agronomy and Plant breeding is to educate and train of high quality specialists in field of Agronomy and Plant breeding to manage all of the regional and countrywide agricultural capacities to provide self-sufficiency in agriculture and export the related agricultural and industrial goods. Education of the most advanced procedures in precision agriculture and plant breeding to interested students provides the required knowledge to combine science and technology for planting and growing crops by selecting adequate varieties of crops and also harvesting in a good manner is the foremost purpose of this department.

The importance and necessity of conducting the field of agronomy and plant breeding is due to requirement of having highly educated professionals to increase area of under cultivation of main products and also increasing in yield per unit area. Currently, about 16 million hectares of farmlands are under cultivation of various crop plants, while, about 50 million hectares of the land in Iran has potential for plant cultivation, therefore, it is necessary to have an active management program by specialists to use all of their knowledge and experience, make economically possible and efficient by using existing facilities and resources.

Department of Agronomy and Plant breeding currently offers the degree of Bachelor in both agronomy and plant breeding, Master of Agronomy (from 1995), Plant breeding (from 1995), Seed Science and Technology ((from 2012) and Weed Science and Weed Control (from 2014), PhD in Agronomy ((from 2010) and PhD in Plant Breeding from 2010) for the qualified applicants.


Some of the most achieved research activities:

  • Comprehensive scheme for development and improvement of Rice Products Processing Technology
  • Economical evaluation of Rice scum in Iran (Guilan and Mazanderan) and its reduction methods
  • Evaluation of the critical period of weed control in rice plants in water stress and flood water irrigation condition
  • Evaluation of Allelopathic potential of some Guilan local and improved rice varieties
  • Determining of Critical period of weed control in Tobacco and Canola in Guilan areas
  • Yield comparison of various cultivars of Rice in north of Iran climatic condition
  • Effect of depth and period of water flood in various stages of canola as secondary cultivation.
  • Evaluation of multiple cultivation of crops and forages in Astaneh (Guilan province)
  • Introduction of jojoba (hohuba) shrubs and the procedures of its replication and development (national and province, research project).
  • Effect of planting date on varieties of forage corn yield in Guilan climatic condition (Agricultural Jihad Organization approved project)
  • Effect of low water stress on quality and quantity of silage corn and comparison of it with dry farming in Rasht region
  • Evaluation of the levels of and periods of nitrogen application on yield and yield components of canola in Guilan province
  • Effect of nitrogen on yield and yield components of varieties of forage sorghum in Rasht climatic condition (Joint Project of Agricultural Jihad Organization and University of Guilan)



Head of the Department

Dr. Gholamreza Mohsen Abadi

Assistant Professor



Programs offered
 Agronomy BSc., MSc. & PhD
 Plant breeding BSc., MSc. & PhD
 Seed Science and Technology MSc.
 Weeds and weed control MSc.



 Faculty Members

 Dr. Gholamreza Mohsen Abadi

 Dr. Babak Rabeie

 Ali Kafi Ghasemi


 Dr. Alireza Mehregan Nikoo

 Dr. Atefeh Saboori

 Dr. Elmira Mohammadvand

 Dr. Jafar Asghari

 Dr. Majid Majidian

 Dr. Mohammadreza Ehteshami

 Dr. Masoud Esfehani


 Dr. Mohsen Zavareh


 Dr. Shahrokh Ghooti Rudsari