Department of Animal Science

The Department of Animal Science has a long history within the University of Guilan. The Department is started its activity in 1977. This Department is research-intensive with 11 regular faculty members. We offer graduate training with options for BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in three major areas of specialization: Animal Breeding and Genetics, Animal Nutrition and Animal Physiology. Our Department has access to high quality animal research facilities and a range of laboratory facilities in molecular genetics, genomics, nutrient analyses, physiology and microbiology both inside and outside the University. The department also has on-campus large farms for experimental animal researches.

Students, based on a regular educational program, learn necessary skills for conducting relevant activities in the field of animal and poultry science. Therefore, the graduate students will be prepared to be employed by consulting companies in the animal and or poultry profession.

All the graduate theses and research plans are financially assisted by the University of Guilan, Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture of Iran, local, regional and or national animal companies and corporations.

The Department of Animal Science accepts willingly potential students from Iran and all over the world, in particular from the Middle East to take advantage of training in animal science and conducting research projects in tropical and or subtropical humid conditions.


Main research activities

1. Conducting genetic and genomic evaluations in farm animals

2. Improvement of farm animals using conventional and advanced methods/models

3. Study of animal breeding strategies

4. Modeling the farm animal systems

5. Computer simulation of animal breeding programs

6. Bioeconomic evaluation of farm animal systems

7. Application of phytogenics in animal and poultry nutrition

8. Studying the effect of different feed additives on performance and immune responses of broilers

9. Evaluation of different herbal extracts and chemical compounds on Ram semen storage and cryoperservation

10. Proteomic analysis of heat shock proteins related to thermal tolerance in the silkworm

11. Conducting genetic selection for economic traits in silkworm

12. Study of genetic diversity in farm animals using molecular technics


Head of the Department

Dr. Navid Ghavi Hossein-Zadeh

Associate Professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics

Tel: +98 13 33690282



Programs offered

 Animal Science  BSc.
 Animal Breeding and Genetics  MSc. & PhD
 Animal Nutrition  MSc. & PhD
 Animal Physiology  MSc. & PhD



 Faculty Members

Dr. S. Z. Mirhoseini

Professor, Molecular Genetics

Dr. A. A. Shadparvar

Professor, Quantitative Genetics

Dr. M. Mottaghitalab

Associate Professor, Poultry Nutrition

Dr. M. Mohammadi

Associate Professor, Animal Physiology

Dr. A. Mohit

Assistant Professor, Poultry Nutrition and Physiology

Dr. M. Roostaei-Ali Mehr

Associate Professor, Animal Physiology

Dr. H. Darmani Kuhi

Associate Professor, Poultry Nutrition

Dr. S. H. Hosseini Moghaddam

Assistant Professor, Molecular Genetics

Dr. N. Ghavi Hossein-Zadeh

Associate Professor, Quantitative Genetics

Dr. M. Mohiti Asli

Assistant Professor, Poultry Nutrition

Dr. A. Ohadi

Assistant Professor, Poultry Nutrition