Department of Horticultural Sciences

The Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Guilan is a team of faculty, staff, and students (Bachelor, Master of sciences and Doctorate) dedicated to improving fruit, ornamental plants, medicinal plants and vegetable production, physiology and breeding for the benefit of farmers and consumers. Guilan's climatic diversity provides opportunities for research with sub-tropical crops. We conduct research in plant breeding & physiology, fruit & vegetable production, postharvest physiology, biochemistry, and other disciplines. We offer high-quality education and training for undergraduate and graduate students to equip them with the skills needed to be successful in satisfying, high-paying careers.



Head of the Department

Dr. Hedayat Zakizadeh

Assistant Professor

Tel: +98(0)9121828508



Programs offered

 Horticulture  BSc.
 Olericulture  MSc. & PhD
 Floriculture  MSc. & PhD
 Pomology  MSc. & PhD
 Medicinal plants  MSc.



 Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. R. Fotouhi

Areas of Interest: Physiology of subtropical fruits

Prof. Dr. A. Hatamzadeh

Areas of Interest: Physiology of ornamental plants

and biochemistry

Prof. Dr. M. Hassanpour

Areas of Interest: Post-Harvest physiology of ornamental plants

and vegetables


Associate Prof. Dr. Y. Hamidoghli

Areas of Interest: Breeding of vegetables and

plant tissue culture

Associate Prof. Dr. M. Ghasemnezhad

Areas of Interest: Post-harvest physiology of fruits

Associate Prof. Dr. D. Bakhshi

Areas of Interest: Physiology of temperate fruit and

medicinal plants

Assistant prof. Dr. H. Zakizadeh

Phone: +98(0)9121828508

Areas of Interest: Plant tissue culture

Assistant Prof. Dr. J.A. Olfati

Areas of Interest: Breeding of Vegetables

Assistant Prof. Dr. A. Sahraro

Areas of Interest: Breeding of medicinal plants