The Department of Music

This department was established in 2006, and now offers a bachelor's degree in Persian Traditional Music. Currently, the department has six faculty members and 146 undergraduate students. The focus of the program is on Persian traditional music, especially the exclusive Iranian instruments which are used for this particular kind of music. Persian traditional music has always been one of the finest genres in world music, and has caught the attention of the music scholars all over the world, mostly for its uniqueness, its exclusive musical instruments, its lyrics and the vocal abilities of its singers.


Head of the Department

Mehdi Oloumi

Rank: Lecturer



Programs offered
 Iranian Instruments B.A.


 Faculty Members

 Mehdi Oloumi

 Dr. Bahram Jamali

 Mansour Habibdoost

 Mohammadreza Yazdanpanah

 Dr. Narges Zaker Jafarin

 Vesal Arabzadeh