Department of Persian Language and Literature

The Department of Persian Language and Literature at the University of Guilan ranks among the finest PL degree programs in Iran. With renowned professors and researchers and strong teaching materials, the department is one of the finest among the nation's Persian Literature departments. It has had a leading role in expanding academic and public's awareness and understanding of the Persian language and Persian literary and non-literary texts.

Since its opening in 1991, initially as "Teaching Persian Language and Literature", the department has had a great number of alumni who went out to be among the most accomplished researchers and professors in Iran. In 2001, first M.A. students were accepted by the department, and four years later, first PhD candidates started studying Persian Language and Literature at the University of Guilan.

Currently, the department has 14 faculty members (2 Professors, 6 Associate Professors, and 6 Assistant Professors) with almost 200 B.A. students, 104 M.A. students and 47 PhD candidates


Head of the Department

Dr. Mohammad Ali Khazanehdarloo

Associate Professor



Programs offered
 Persian Language and Literature B.A., M.A. & PhD
 Children's and Juvenile Literature M.A.


 Faculty Members


 Dr. Mohammad Ali Khazanehdarloo

 Dr. Ahmad Razi

 Dr. Ali Safaei

 Dr. Alireza Nikouei


 Dr. Farzaneh Aghapour

 Dr. Ali Taslimi

 Dr. Firouz Fazeli

 Dr. Gholamabas Khaefi

 Dr. Masoumeh Ghayoori

 Dr. Mahmoud Ranjbar

 Dr. Mohammadkazem Yousefpour

 Dr. Moharram Rezayati

 Dr. Shayesteh Sadat Mousavi

 Dr. Negin Safarinejad Binazir

 Dr. Soraya Moslehi

 Dr. Reza Cheraghi