Department of Soil Sciences

Department of Soil Science and Engineering (Former Soil Science) started its activities with accepting bachelor students in 1986-87. The purpose of setting up this field was to train and educate the required experts in agriculture with the expertise of soil science, research and production of science in different fields of soil science. At the bachelor of this field, various aspects of soil science are taught to students, including soil genesis, evolution, classification and evaluation, soil chemistry and fertility and plant nutrition issues, soil physics and soil, water, plant relationship, identification of erosion and the ways of soil conservation, soil contamination with emphasis on environmental protection, soil biology and the role of biological agents in soil quality in theory and practice.


Facilities and equipment

  • Laboratory of Physics and Soil Erosion
  • Laboratory of Genesis, Classification and Evaluation
  • Laboratory of Chemistry and Fertility of Soil and Fertilizer
  • Thin section laboratory
  • Laboratory of Soil Biology and biotechnology


Activities and research

  • Identification of minerals using X-ray diffraction and optical microscopy in some rocks (igneous and sedimentary) and surface soil of Amlash forest (Guilan province)
  • Multiparameter fingerprint evaluation to determine the origin of the evaluation and assessment of soil erosion risk.
  • Evaluation of multi-parametric fingerprinting method for evaluation and zoning of soil erosion risk
  • Evaluation of contamination of rice soils with cadmium caused by chemical fertilizers
  • Assessing paddy soils contaminated by cadmium of chemical fertilizers
  • Effect of bird manure compost as an organic matter on the population of sulfur oxidizing microorganisms and its relation with sulfur oxidation in soil
  • Assessing the geomorphology hazards of Chalous Road
  • Assessing  lead-polluted soils in Guilan province and providing solution to resolve the issue


Head of the Department

Dr. Hassan Ramezanpour

Associate Professor

Tel: 01333690274



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 Faculty Members

Safoura Asadi Kapourchal

Akbar Farghani

Mahmoud Fazeli Sangani


Mahmoud Shabanpour

Maryam Khalili Rad

Mohammad Bagher Farhangi

Nafiseh Yaghmaeeyan MahAbadi

Nasrin Ghorbanzadeh

Reza Ebrahimi

Sepideh Abrishamkesh