The Department of Sport Management

The department of sport Management helps students to explore business concepts related to the sport industry and prepares them for careers in the management of sport entertainment, sporting goods organizations and sport entertainments. Through our specialized practical courses, students learn how to develop an understanding of national and global services, with an emphasis put on how to lead, and how to have professional skills. After graduating from our university, students would be able to manage and lead their own sport teams, organizations or brands.


Head of the Department

Dr. Rahim Ramezani Nezhad


Tel: 0131-6690161



Programs offered
 Sport Marketing MSc.
 Strategic Management in Sports Organizations MSc.
 Strategic Management in Sports Organizations and Events PhD.


 Faculty Members

 Dr. Rahim Ramezani Nezhad

 Dr. Noushin Banar

 Dr. Shahram Shafiei

 Dr. Mina Malaei

 Dr. Hamidreza Goharrostami

 Dr. Mehdi Mohammadi

 Dr. Mehrali Hemati Nezhad Tooli