Department of Urban Planning & Design

The department first started its activities in collaboration with Urban Planning Department of Technical University of Berlin and Shahid Beheshti University in September 2004. Currently, the department has 170 undergraduate and 89 graduate students. There are two graduate programs in this department: Master's in Urban Planning and Master's in Regional Planning. With its renowned faculty members, the department has had a great number of outstanding achievements.

Currently, the department has 5 faculty members.


Achievements of the department:

  • International collaborations such as a student exchange program with the Department of Urban Planning of TU Berlin (2004-2009(
  • Establishment of two graduate programs including: Unban Planning in 2011, and Regional Planning in 2016.
  • Establishment of a research center for Spatial Planning.
  • Publication of the academic journal of Danesh-e Sharsazi (Science of Urban Planning Knowledge(
  • Organizing various national and international workshops on urban planning issues.
  • Cooperating with different municipalities of the province and other governmental organizations, working on urban affairs.


Head of the Department

Dr. Mehrnaz Molavi

Assistant Professor



Programs offered
 Urban Planning B.A. & M.A.
 Regional Planning M.A.


 Faculty Members

 Ali Akbar Salaripour

 Hassan Ahmadi

 Nader Zali

 Nooreddin Azimi

 Saber Mohammadpour