Department of Water Engineering

The irrigation and reclamation engineering established in the late 19th century in the United States of America. The first students of Reclamation Engineering received their bachelor degrees in 1910. In Iran, Water Engineering was established in 1957. The department of Water Engineering at the University of Guilan started its activities in 1995 with 3 faculty members and accepting 30 students. Now, the department has 11 academic members in 3 scientific orientations including Irrigation and Drainage (Since 2009), Hydraulic structures (since 2013) and Water Resources engineering (since 2015)


Facilities and Equipment

The department has many laboratiores including Survey Laboratory, Weather and Climate Laboratory, Water Quality Laboratory, Irrigation Laboratory, Hydraulic and Physical Laboratory and Irrigation Laboratory


Many research projects have been conducting y members of the department, the most important of which are as follow:

  • Study of transport and management of Salin water of Hablehrod river
  • Heavy metals pollution assessment of Zarjoub River
  • Experimental investigation of effect of installation of group piers on foundation on scour depth around bridge piers
  • Monitoring of pollutants entering the Anzali wetland using remote sensing
  • Application of satellite date in prediction of water table fluctuations in Sefidroud irrigation network
  • Determination of irrigation water requirement affected by climatic fluctuations in Lishtar irrigation and drainage system


Head of the Department

Dr. Nader Pirmoradian

Associate Professor



Programs offered

 Water Science and Engineering  BSc.
 Water Science and Engineering-Irrigation and Drainage  BSc. & MSc.
 Water Science and Engineering-Water Structures  BSc. & MSc.
 Water Science and Engineering-Water Resources Engineering  BSc. & MSc.



 Faculty Members

 Dr. Nader Pirmoradian

 Dr. Mahdi Esmaeili Varaki

 Dr. Amir Malekpour


 Dr. Sayyed Ali Moussavi

 Dr. Behnam Shafiei Sabet

 Dr. Mohammad Hassan Biglouei

 Dr. Maryam Navabian

 Dr. Mohammadreza Khaledian

 Dr. Afshin Ashrafzadeh

 Dr. Somaye Janatrostami


 Dr. Majid Vazifedoust