Faculty of Arts and Architecture


The Department of Architecture first was established under the faculty of Engineering in 1988 with 25 student admission capacity for its Post Diploma program.  In 1994, the post diploma program was changed to direct master program in architecture. In 1999, following the decision of the Ministry of Science, the direct master program changed to a Bachelor's Degree. In 2000, the Department of Architecture was separated from the Faculty of Engineering and became a part of the Faculty of Art & Architecture. In 2004, the Department of Urban Planning and Design, and in 2005 the Department of Graphics were established. The Department of Music in 2006 and the Department of Painting in 2008 were added to the faculty. In 2010, the faculty received the permission to have a master's program in Architecture. In 2012, the master's program in regional planning, and in 2015, the master's program in urban planning were added.


About the faculty:

The Faculty of Art & Architecture has more than 10000 square meters of educational space, and different spatial and infrastructural facilities specifically designed to respond the needs of different fields of art and architecture. These facilities differentiate it from the other faculties in the university. The Faculty of Art & Architecture encompasses various educational spaces like specialized studios, classrooms, library, computer site, suitable spaces for art galleries and art exhibitions as well as adequate administrative and staff offices and service spaces. The next phase of the development of the faculty building will provide a large conference hall, additional special art galleries and additional classrooms and educational spaces in the near future.


The students of the faculty have access to educational consultants and research and accommodation facilities. They are engaged in different activities in conjunction with future careers: activities such as practical workshops, experimental activities, scientific discussions and public debate on different contexts and etc. Setting up art exhibitions in the faculty space creates opportunities for students to present their artwork to all members of the faculty. These exhibitions also trigger artistic discussions and social interactions between faculty members, students and guests.


The Faculty of Art & Architecture at a glance:

Number of academic staff: 41 (2 associate professors, 15 assistant professors, 24 lecturers (

Total number of students: 1227

Number undergraduate students: 1052

Number Graduate students: 175

Number of administrative staff: 20