Faculty of Literature and Humanities

The Faculty of Literature and Humanities began its academic activities with the German Language and Literature program in 1977. In 1979, University of Guilan temporarily suspended its activities because of the revolution. But after its re-establishment in 1983, the faculty re-started its activities with 40 students who had registered for the Persian Language and Literature program, and those who were studying German language and literature before the revolution were put into other available programs (because the German professors had left the country).

In the distant past, the faculty was located inside Rasht's navy base but it was relocated to where the faculty of physical education is now placed. In the summer of 1993, after the first part of the faculty's building was completed (with an area of 3300 square meters) at the main campus, the departments of Persian Language and Literature, and Sociology were relocated to the new building. In 2000, with help from the great Gilaki scholar Dr. AbrishamChian, the second part of the building was planned to be built, and about 7300 square meters were added to the faculty. As a result, the faculty of Literature and Humanities was complete in its new location in 2002.



About 3914 students

Faculty Members: 142 (6 Professors, 32 Associate Professors, 89 Assistant Professors and 15 lecturers)

Student-to-faculty ratio: 1:27



Language Laboratories

Meeting Rooms


Computer Center


Dr. Ali Safaei

  • Associate Professor
  • B.A. in Persian Language and Literature at University of Guilan, Iran
  • M.A. in Persian Language and Literature at Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran
  • PhD. in Persian Language and Literature at Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran