Faculty of Physical Education

Based on an agreement between the governments of Iran and Germany, the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences was established in 1975 as a part of the faculty of Literature and Humanities. The department started its activity in 1979 by accepting 44 students. The academic capabilities of this department, and also the geographical and cultural importance of sports in the Guilan province paved the way for the department to become an independent faculty in 1994, and the faculty of Physical Education was established then.

Having excellent facilities, outstanding human resources, and renowned faculty members, the faculty has played a significant role in the national and regional sports competitions and has been considered as one of the finest research centers in Physical Education. Currently, the faculty has 3 departments, offering both undergraduate and graduate programs and has 24 faculty members (8 professors, 1 associate professor, 12 assistant professors and 3 lecturers). Also, the faculty has about 700 students.


Facilities and Buildings


The faculty has a separate library which is considered to be one of the finest libraries specialized in Sports and Physical Education, and all of its resources are available for the students and academic members alike.

Statistics (Last Update: 2014):

  - 12963 Persian Books

  - 2275 books in Other Languages

  - 481 theses and dissertations

  - 8 Newspapers (Issues updated frequently)

  - 577 electronic books


Computer Center

The computer center was established in 1999 as to fulfill its students, faculty members and staff's needs. Currently, this center serves the faculty's students and academic members in 4 separate sections:

1 – Control Room and Faculty Servers

2 – Bachelor Students Computer Hall

3 – Master Students Computer Hall

4 – PhD Students Computer Hall


Sport Facilities

The faculty's sport facilities include: a sports center housing a large multi-purpose sports hall, body shaping and aerobics gyms, three-hall bodybuilding and weightlifting sports center; a stadium; swimming pool; and more.



The Faculty of Physical Education was equipped with Laboratories as to provide its students and faculty members with opportunities to conduct research and contribute to their fields. These 3 laboratories are being used by the faculty's researchers, both students and faculty members.

1 - Exercise Physiology Laboratory

2 - Sport Injuries and Corrective Exercise Laboratory

3 – Rodent Laboratory



1 - Metabolism and Exercise: A Biannual Journal (In Persian)

2 – Sports Management and Development – A Biannual Journal (In Persian)


Dr. Arsalan Damirchi

  • Professor


Programs offered








Sport Sciences-  Sport Bioscience

Physical Education and Sport Sciences


Sport Sciences-  Human Sciences



Sport Physiology-  Applied Exercise Physiology



Sport Physiology- Sports Nutrition



Sport Management – Sport Marketing



Sport Management –  Strategic Management in Sports Organizations


Corrective Exercises and Sport Injuries 


Sport Management - Strategic Management in Sports Organizations and Events


Sport Physiology- Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology